So Good To Be Partners

Hi all!  I couldn’t have been more elated that I have a partner this past week.  I hear over and over again how partnerships are tough and it seems to always have a negative vibe surrounding the thought.  Well I wanted to shed a little positive vibe about being a partner.  This past week my son who is a one year had a terrible reaction to his shots causing him to have high fevers and completely be worn out.  As other mothers can attest this its the worst feeling ever to have this sick child and not be able to do anything to help him feel better quickly.  So to add to that feeling of helplessness, I also have a business to run.  I couldn’t have been thankful for erin this past week because I was able to stay at home all week just holding him and comforting him as best as I could.   This I realized was the first time in almost six years that I have been able to be away from work without the panic feeling of needing to be at the store and those responsibilities that were calling my name.  I was able to focus solely on my son and his well being and not worry about the store at all.  Even when I had Ben and was in the hospital, I was only thinking about work.  It was a such a breathe of fresh air that I knew the store was in great hands.  Those hands of erin, who is not only my business partner but my friend.  I value partnerships so much more now then ever before.  For without my partner something would have suffered last week; my son or my work.  I am able to be back in the store this week with a new sense of rest and relaxation looking forward to the spring!  Hope to see you all soon!

Best,  M



From Saguaro to Snow

On Sunday morning, I left the sunny skies and Saguaro cacti of Arizona behind.  It was beautiful, the weather was grand, the Gem and Mineral Show was fantastic, as were the Margaritas and time spent with my lovely parents and my friend Yasha….

Sunny Saguaro

I returned to this…

Snowy Syracuse

Sigh.  Welcome home, right?!

Arizona truly was grand.  It was only my second visit to the Gem and Mineral Show, but I felt much less “green” at this one!  The first time I went, I’d owned a bead shop for all of 7 months and was entirely overwhelmed by the whole thing.  This time I was able to pick out things for a newly revised store- I found some great finished jewelry and accessories as well as some goodies to incorporate into my own designs.

One of the new lines I brought in was “The Bell Collection” by “Jewelry John”.  I had the fortune of meeting John and he was such a terrific and genuine soul.  He has a very small family business, and he does all parts of the manufacturing of his bells.  He carves the designs in wax and uses the “lost wax” method to render them in sterling silver.  He even does his own casting!  One of my favorites is the Birdhouse Bell.  My mom’s new phrase (courtesy of Portlandia) is “Put a Bird On It!”  You can imagine her delight in this particular bell!

Birdhouse Bell

These bells have the sweetest tones and I find myself tapping them constantly to hear them chime.

I also found some fun jewelry that is created in zinc.  It’s plated in sterling silver or gold and is entirely free of lead or nickle.  The jewelry is big and showy and just fun!  Check out a few examples:

Bracelet Bar

Big Bracelet

Layered Necklace

I also found some gorgeous scarves and set up for a trunk show of enameled components for March.  It really was a great trip, but I’m glad to be back in my own studio to put some of my new purchases to work!


New Video!

Hi everyone,

This is Sarah, Wishlist’s new intern! I put together this video to help promote the store. Being both a musician and art student I put together my talents and recorded an instrumental cover of “Material Girl” by Madonna to use as background music for the video.

I’m really excited to intern here at Wishlist to learn what it takes to one day run my own business. I’m looking forward to learning how to turn my beads into jewelry and to transform from “Sarah the Glass Bead Maker” to “Sarah the Jeweler.”

erin and Melissa are the nicest people to intern for. I don’t feel like the typical intern here, I feel like part of the store and look forward coming into Wishlist everyday and working with them. I’m learning more and more each day and loving it!


Wishlist downtown Cazenovia, NY!

Well so it’s Ben and I in the store this week as erin is in Arizona for the week at a jewelry show.  We are holding down the fort, trying to make heads or tails of this crazy weather!  Is it winter or spring, think mother nature is confused.  Guess that happens to everyone.  While I am sad that my partner is away, I am also enjoying the time to get to know clients from Dragonfly Beads that are continuing their support of erin through shopping at Wishlist.  This is a huge step that erin and I took together and while it’s been exciting and fun, it’s also probably been one of the most frightening things either one of us has done.  With the support of our former clients it makes the decision less and less scary and we welcome the new challenges.  I feel extremely fortunate to have a partner like erin to take this leap of faith with!  So while erin is away and enjoying her time in Arizona, Ben and I are enjoying our time at Wishlist, here in downtown Cazenovia, NY!  So stop by and see us!!

Valentine’s Day

It’s almost that time of year again…Valentine’s Day.  It’s silently expected from your girl that you do something for her,  something to show her how much you love her.  But what do you do for Valentine’s Day this year?  Let us help you with that!  We can be the creative ones for you and you take all the credit!

Here are some great ideas!!

-Pretty top for that “Special Dinner Out”

– Matching necklace, bracelet, and earrings that are “Her”

-The really creative ideas is bring in your little one for a Thumb Print Necklace!!  This will make you a huge hit with the love of your life for sure!


It’s been a week of networking!  Monday night Melissa and I talked to the Cazenovia Rotary Club about our business (and got a nice steak dinner out of the deal!) and this morning we spoke to a small business class at Cazenovia College.   We’ve got some extra company in the store today too.  Ben is getting to know Colby a little better.

Ben and Colby

They seem to be getting along just fine…Actually, they seem to be plotting something…their escape perhaps?


It’s been a great week of meeting new connections and making new friends.  I’m very excited for my time in Tucson next week, but please come visit Melissa, I think she’ll be lonely without me, especially while Ben is napping!

We want you as a FAN!

Melissa and I had our intern Sarah in the store today, and she helped us  switch up the window display and brainstorm upcoming events.  We are trying to use Facebook to promote the happenings at Wishlist,  so it’s time to push for more fans!  Our fans Corinne and KC “liked” their little fan treat, now it’s your chance to get one! The 150th fan (and person who recommended them) will get gift certificates to Wishlist, the boutique with style from head to toe. That means we have things to outfit you from your feet to your ears and everything in between!

Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

erin here.  I was gone for the past week and when I came in today, I was so proud of how the store looks!  It is funky and eclectic and still a work in progress, but it’s shaping up quite nicely.   I was delighted to see that Melissa’s husband put up our dressing room, and the drapes match the carpet (ha ha).  Seriously though, the back room had what I thought was the most awful shade of red rug, but with the matching curtains, the buttery yellow walls and white trim, it looks really sharp!

My week in Vermont was absolute heaven.  I am such a lucky girl, and am so appreciative of my  “partner in crime” Melissa for holding down the fort at Wishlist while I was gone.   As a jewelry artist, I’ve got it pretty good.  I am working with one of the most talented, genuine, down to earth and downright lovely artists I know.  I share a viable and successful business with a business partner who is also a good friend.  I’ve got an amazing and supportive husband and family.  Sigh.  Ok, enough gushing!   I just want to express my gratitude and count my blessings.

While in Vermont, I worked with the new Sterling clay for the first time and I LOVED it!  I will be doing more experimenting, but you can bet that will be an upcoming class here at Wishlist (the boutique that can style you head to toe and teach you how to make jewelry to boot!)  It works very much like PMC + and Pmc3 and the biggest differences I saw were all entirely positive (a longer working time, more flexibility and more strength for starters).  I was most concerned about the firing, since the sterling needs to be fired in carbon, but it was much less scary and mysterious to do than I’d imagined.  Here’s a picture of the pieces getting ready to load for their second firing…

Preparing for the carbon firing

Confused about the above paragraph? Not sure what PMC or Metal clay are?   Come take a class in Metal Clay at Wishlist!  February classes are now forming.  And don’t miss the talented and sweet Holly Gage who will be coming to the store in April with two excellent classes:  Setting Stones like a Pro (in metal clay) and Elegant Meadow Pods.  Get more information here, or call Wishlist at 316-655-1050.

I can’t wait until my next trip to Vermont.  But first will be a trip to the Gem and Mineral Show in Tuscon!  I will be posting some blogs about my experiences there, so please check back in.   Until we meet again…

Vermont Vista

But Baby it’s Cold Outside

It might be cold outside today but here at Wishlist it’s nice and toasty!  Stop on in for a beautiful new sweater dress or a warm and cozy scarf!  We have the latest fashion at the most affordable prices in town. If you can’t get into the store due to a busy schedule, and you see something on facebook or this blog that you just can’t live without, feel free to call us and we can ship anywhere!  Our number is 315.655.1050.  Hope to see you soon but if we can’t see you, hope to hear from you soon!