I am back in the store today after my little break this weekend and I love the decorated changes made by erin over the weekend!  We have added two new dress forms to the store fixtures and use one for jewelry and the other for an outfit! I was out and about on Friday and found them at a home goods store and they seem to bring inspiration to both e and I! Thanks to Mrs. Meharg for taking the time to pick them up for us on Saturday with me being away and erin covering the store.  It’s wonderful how two simple little additions can make the store feel fresh and new!  I love coming back from my little trip to seeing the changes that erin had made to the set up of the inventory.  That is something I think both she and really appreciate about having each other.  When we each get a break to be away from the store, it makes us both super jazzed about doing cool things to the look of the store and reordering.  I love the flow that was created this weekend in Wishlist.  It feels fresh and crisp and clean!  Just like Spring!!