Melissa and I spent some time yesterday looking at scores of new dresses and tops to bring into the shop.  With all this nice weather, it’s tempting to go full-summer wear, but I think we’ve got a bit of spring left.  And who knows, it may even get chilly again!  Don’t forget, our cute fleece coats, scarves, gloves, head/arm/leg warmers are all on sale!  It’s the Heat Wave Sale!  30% off our cold weather gear.  

In other exciting news, I had a tutorial featured as a “guest blog” on Tonya Davidson‘s website.  Tonya is the owner of Whole Lotta Whimsey, one of my favorite shops for all things metal clay.  She is also the creator of the Artful Success Program, which I am currently enrolled in as a way to grow my jewelry craft. I am excited to continue to evolve as an artist and bring even more unique and handcrafted jewelry to Wishlist!

If you’d like to read my tutorial, please click here.  And if you’d like to get some great deals on winter wear, please come HERE, to Wishlist, 53 Albany St, Cazenovia NY!