Hi all… Melissa here! erin and I are swapping places this week… Last Saturday I was in Vermont for a two day get away with my husband, enjoying the weather and the amazing scenery and erin was working in the store.  Well today the roles have changed.  erin is off learning to work with sterling clay in Vermont; “living the dream”, while I am working in the store.  Today has been such an amazing day actually.  I have had some of the nicest people shopping today.  Cazenovia is starting to come alive today… people out and about and ready for spring!  This week we are supposed to hit the mid to upper 60’s!  I am so excited for this for many reasons.  I can’t wait to walk outside and smell the fresh blooming flowers and hear the chirping of the birds.  As well as see the people walking about on main street!  Spring time means parties too!  We love booking parties!  Parties are booked by the hour and can be during store hours or after store hours.  We host anything for the girls night out to the kiddos’ birthday party.  There is a hourly rate of $30.00 per hour and the cost of the materials.  You get to work with erin the amazing in house jeweler as well! Don’t forget about our classes too!  Either a private or group, whether it’s working with PMC or beads… we offer it!  So let the sun shine in Cazenovia!  Cause we can’t wait to have the doors and windows open and enjoy the nice weather!