There is just something about doing business locally.  Supporting your fellow neighbor in their business endeavors.  I was really excited to meet Mary Carlic the owner and creator of The Wren’s Den.  The Wren’s Den makes handcrafted soaps that smell delicious and magical at the same time.  I was fortunate enough to meet Mary when she came in with her children to shop during February break and after chatting for a few minutes I was pleased to hear that she too was a small business woman in the area.  She introduced me to the products that she sells and I was immediately in love with them all!  The scents of spring, clean and brisk  caught my attention!  I learned that Mary with the help of her family makes these enticing products in her own home and sells them at shows as well as having them in a various selection of stores on the west side of Syracuse.   I am super impressed with the attention to detail Mary has put into her product and that she even uses a local artist for the drawings on her labels.  Doing business with local vendors is not only convenient it’s about building lasting relationships that will lead to a network that is wide open for the future.  We love that on Fridays starting in April, we will have locally grown and produced products for sampling such as Meadowood Farms’ cheeses.  I am proud to be a part of these community and proud to offer as much as we can from local vendors.  Remember my very own partner is a local vendor with her one of a kind jewelry!  So stop by and enjoy the local sampling’s from the surrounding community!