Hi all!  I couldn’t have been more elated that I have a partner this past week.  I hear over and over again how partnerships are tough and it seems to always have a negative vibe surrounding the thought.  Well I wanted to shed a little positive vibe about being a partner.  This past week my son who is a one year had a terrible reaction to his shots causing him to have high fevers and completely be worn out.  As other mothers can attest this its the worst feeling ever to have this sick child and not be able to do anything to help him feel better quickly.  So to add to that feeling of helplessness, I also have a business to run.  I couldn’t have been thankful for erin this past week because I was able to stay at home all week just holding him and comforting him as best as I could.   This I realized was the first time in almost six years that I have been able to be away from work without the panic feeling of needing to be at the store and those responsibilities that were calling my name.  I was able to focus solely on my son and his well being and not worry about the store at all.  Even when I had Ben and was in the hospital, I was only thinking about work.  It was a such a breathe of fresh air that I knew the store was in great hands.  Those hands of erin, who is not only my business partner but my friend.  I value partnerships so much more now then ever before.  For without my partner something would have suffered last week; my son or my work.  I am able to be back in the store this week with a new sense of rest and relaxation looking forward to the spring!  Hope to see you all soon!

Best,  M