Well so it’s Ben and I in the store this week as erin is in Arizona for the week at a jewelry show.  We are holding down the fort, trying to make heads or tails of this crazy weather!  Is it winter or spring, think mother nature is confused.  Guess that happens to everyone.  While I am sad that my partner is away, I am also enjoying the time to get to know clients from Dragonfly Beads that are continuing their support of erin through shopping at Wishlist.  This is a huge step that erin and I took together and while it’s been exciting and fun, it’s also probably been one of the most frightening things either one of us has done.  With the support of our former clients it makes the decision less and less scary and we welcome the new challenges.  I feel extremely fortunate to have a partner like erin to take this leap of faith with!  So while erin is away and enjoying her time in Arizona, Ben and I are enjoying our time at Wishlist, here in downtown Cazenovia, NY!  So stop by and see us!!