Then an equine shop and a bead shop could combine!

erin here.  Today is my Saturday “on”.  One of the big perks of joining forces with Melissa is alternating Saturdays!  I’m looking forward to having a full weekend to spend with my husband and dogs.  A full weekend to visit friends in VT, to work on jewelry, to clean the house…well, I don’t so much look forward to cleaning the house…but having a full, “regular” weekend again?  That’s such a luxury!

Melissa and I had a pow-wow the other night, brainstorming over ways to promote the business and let people know what we’re doing.  We now have a daily to-do list which is posted right on our counter, so we can’t miss it.  This is the last thing for me to check off today.

To Do

I also changed the message on the chalkboard quilt my mom made.  Feeling more and more official every day!

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