Welcome to our blog!! Wishlist is a new store with veteran store owners Melissa Zomro Davis of The Show Trunk and erin l.m. harris of Dragonfly Beads.  We are pleased to announce the merger of those two shops into Wishlist, located at 53 Albany St, Cazenovia NY!  We are here to meet your fashion needs from head to toe!

As with many new relationships, it all started over a good drink.  erin and Melissa were working late one fateful evening and an idea evolved over a frozen margarita at The Brewster Inn…  Both women were trying to refocus their respective businesses into what they envisioned for success.  However, they were both being met with similar obstacles;  time conflicts, lack of capital, and last but not least fear of change.

As erin and Melissa were casually sipping their frozen margaritas, Melissa mentioned she was going to phase out the equine portion of her business.  She saw the need for affordable, trendy clothing in the area.  The Show Trunk carried several lines of clothing for everyday wear.  These lines did well, and she saw the need for expansion.  erin, listening to Melissa talking about the changes she was making, had a brilliant suggestion of sharing retail space.  This would allow Melissa more time with her young son and erin more time to concentrate on her craft.  Over the next few days, erin thought a lot about her business and realized that her personal line of jewelry had been consistently selling better than the beads.   She proposed an idea to Melissa; what if erin brought in accessories and Melissa focused on clothing.  Thus, Wishlist was born.


In a matter of weeks, the two ladies moved in together and brought in more clothing and erin made more pieces for her collection.  After a fabulous holiday season, they looking forward to the next season! Spring is on its way and so are the cute mini skirts, fashionable tops, and affordable jeans!! As well as adorable handbags, clutches, socks, and scarves.  And of course erin’s handcrafted earrings, necklaces, and bracelets!

We look forward to seeing you in Wishlist on main street in Cazenovia, NY!

Melissa and erin